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E-petition about carers allowance and state pension

Two local carers, David Mills Daniel and Jennifer Daniel, have set up a national e-petition about carers allowance and the state pension. The wording of the petition is as follows :

‘We regard as unfair and unacceptable the current position whereby carers become ineligible for carer’s allowance once they are in receipt of state pension. It is not as if caring responsibilities cease as a result of payment of state pension.

We wish to see this rule changed by the government, so that older carers can receive both carer’s allowance and state pension.’

You are invited to add your name to the petition, by clicking on the following link


"As well as denying carer’s allowance to those on state pension, the current unfair and unacceptable rules also mean that people receiving carer’s allowance cannot benefit from State Pension Deferral.

According to current state pension rules (see Department for Work and Pensions, State Pension Deferral – your guide (April 2012)), it is possible to: “get more State Pension by putting off your claim for a time. This means delaying when you start to get your State Pension, or choosing to stop claiming your State Pension for a time ... The amount of extra money you get depends on how long you put off claiming your State Pension. You may choose one of these two options: taking a higher weekly State Pension for life, or taking a one-off, taxable lump-sum payment if you put off claiming your State Pension for at least 12 months, and then getting your normal State Pension for life” (page 6).

However, this option is not available to those on carer’s allowance: “In general, all the weeks you put off claiming your State Pension will count towards your extra State Pension or a lump-sum payment. But there are exceptions. You will not build up extra State Pension or a lump sum during: 1 Any days on which you have received any of the following benefits ... Carer’s Allowance [and a range of other benefits]” (pages 16-17).

You will find State Pension Deferral – your guide at:

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