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Support group network for adult siblings of people with a learning disability

The Family Carer Support Service are delighted  to start a new project this autumn for adult siblings of people with a lifelong learning disability and/or autism. They say....

Over the past year we have had an increase in requests from adult siblings for sibling groups. In response to this, Sibs will be developing a network of face-to-face adult sibling support groups across the UK. This project is supported by the MariaMarina Foundation.

Mutual support for you as a sibling

As an adult sibling of someone with a life-long learning disability and/or autism you may be feeling isolated, worrying about the future, or juggling caring responsibilities with other aspects of your life. You may also be very concerned about the impact of cuts to welfare and service provision on your own life and that of your disabled brother or sister. Attending a face-to-face support group for adult siblings can help you cope better with these issues and gives you the opportunity to support others in similar situations.

As well as being a place for you to meet other siblings with shared life experiences we want the group you attend to:

  • Improve your wellbeing and resilience
  • Empower you to be an advocate for your disabled brother or sister
  • Support you in the transition to a more involved role in your brother or sister’s care and support - if you have a parent who is getting older or less able to care
  • Give you a voice as an adult sibling within services for carers and disabled adults

The dates for workshops for the areas below will be added to the website shortly:

§  Sheffield

§  Leeds

§  Bristol

§  Norwich

§  Newcastle

To attend the workshop there is a cost of £10 for each person who attends because this will help us cover the cost of the venue hire and refreshments. Please let us know if this cost would make it difficult for you to attend.

Workshop attendance must be booked in advance and workshops will be confirmed once enough people have booked to attend.


Booking a place

To book a place on a workshop please fill in the form for the workshop you want to attend online and send it to [email protected].

If there are any other queries about the workshops or support you need, please contact Sibs on:

By phone: 01535 645453


By email: [email protected]


By post: Meadowfield, Oxenhope, West Yorkshire, BD22 9JD


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