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Community Living magazine social care law seminar 29th June 2016

In these cost-pressured times social workers, service providers, advocates, family carers and services users need to understand their legal rights.
Our national adult social care law seminar in Manchester on June 29th gives you expert detailed analysis and information on the Care Act law in practice



Your carers support/information/advocacy workers are likely to benefit greatly but so would family carers - so as there are concessions do let them know of this opportunity

A limited number of reduced price concessions still available for unwaged, family carers, students and small local groups - particularly advocacy groups



Achieving Compliance with the Care Act Belinda Schwehr LLM

Wednesday, 29 June (9.30 for 10am to 4pm)
St Thomas Conference Centre, Ardwick, Manchester

 (sponsored by Irwin and Mitchell solicitors -Community Living magazine's 7th social care law seminar)
(+ £10 discount for subscribers)
“It is LAW that underpins best and necessary practice and policy” Belinda Schwehr
 Belinda will cover legal and illegal cuts to budgets or services in the context of revision of care plans, funded advocacy,carers' right to support /services, charging developments - including publicly funded transport services. 
She will also look at the extent to which people can hope to be funded for payroll support, brokerage, or other advice, within a direct payment form of personal budget, under the Care Act and recent cases on a fair price for care, top ups, and when re-tendering removes choice of provider from service users.
  This is your opportunity to hear from Belinda Schwehr LLM a leading expert in applied social care law with plenty of opportunity for individual problems and Irwin and Mitchells solicitors, our sponsor, will explain funding support to challenges.
Local Authorities are facing unprecedented huge budget cuts with more to come, but still have to behave legally. The Care Act and Human Rights law protect vulnerable people but advocates, family carers, providers, service users and all involved all need to have a practical and detailed understanding of how the law applies to them.

Don't miss this chance - everyone involved needs confidence in their knowledge of the social care law.
You get expertise in plain language - with very detailed information for you to use afterwards.
 Contact Rosemary Trustam at [email protected] or call 01257 270430 to get any concessions or to book
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