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Vaccine for all those with a learning disability

Just announced on the news ten minutes ago.... The JCVI have advised that all people with a learning disability (not just those with 'severe or profound learning disability) are now to be eligible for the vaccine as part of priority group 6 - those who are being invited for vaccine now.
Please tell this to everyone you know. The key thing for them to do will be to check that their family member is on the GP Learning Disability register.
Good news !!

CQC invitation to carers to share your experiences


CQC are inviting carers to shewre their experiences . Follow this link to learn more.

Direct Payments advice during Covid 19 from Kirklees Council

Guidance for those using Direct Payments during Covid 19 lockdown -  follow link Direct payments during the COVID-19 pandemic | Kirklees Council

Petition to seek change in visiting arrangements for people in residential settings

This petition has come from a local Shared Lives carer, and reflects a significant issue raised by a number of carers about contact arrangements with those in residential or supported living settings.


Please feel free to add your name to it if you agree with what it seeks to achieve.

NICE quality standards on supporting carers

These draft standards are out for consultation - with a deadline in November. They are likely to be of real significance once finalised, so do respond to the consultation if you can

Online support for carers' wellbeing during Covid 19

Attached is a poster with details of a service to support carers during Covid 19 and beyond

Cloverleaf initiative - keeping people connected during Covid 19

This poster descibes a new service made available by Cloverleaf for people who are having to self-isolate during Covid 19, but who have no immediate network to draw on to reduce their isolation

Covid 19 Ethical framework for adult social care

This link takes you to a Government document describing those elements which should apply to service delivery during the Covid 19 virus.


Carers issues taken to the LD Partnership Board on 23rd March 2020

Attached are the issues prepared for the Learning Disbility Partnership Board for its meeting on 23rd March 2020. The meeting had to be cancelled because of lock-down, so the issues will be held until the next actual Board meeting.


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