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NHS Penalty Charge Notices - call for examples from Healthwatch

Healthwatch Kirklees has been alerted to an isue about people being sent penalty charges when they had made mistakes about their eligibility for free dental check-ups. They want to hear from anybody who has had this experience. See attached request from Shabana Ali (Tel. 01924 450379)

Carers issues taken to the Partnership Board on 26th September 2016

The issues raised at the Learning Disability Partnership Board on 26th September 2016 are attached.

Carers issues taken to the LD Partnership Board on 4th July 2016

Attached are the carers issues taken to the Learning Disability Partnership Board at its meeting on 4th July 2016

Community Living magazine social care law seminar 29th June 2016

In these cost-pressured times social workers, service providers, advocates, family carers and services users need to understand their legal rights.
Our national adult social care law seminar in Manchester on June 29th gives you expert detailed analysis and information on the Care Act law in practice



Carers' issues taken to the LD Partnership Board on 9th May 2016

Attached are the issues taken by carers to the latest Learning Disability Partnership Board meeting on 9th May 2106

Problem-solving toolkit

Prof Luke Clements has produced an excellent new publication to support disabled people and their carers when they are in dispute with statutory agencies. It is highly practical and a very easy read. See more under Documents on this website.

An invitation to be involved in the creation of an 'All-age disability Service' in Kirklees

At the moment in Kirklees we have separate disability services for children, young people and adults, in both health care and social care. The Council is now exploring the opportunity of creating an integrated disability service which will bring those services together to form an ‘All Age Disability Service’ (working title), and would welcome involvement from carers in this process. The invitation letter and reply slip are attached.

Stress workshop for carers in Kirklees - 24th March (Mirfield) or 14th April (Huddersfield)

IAPT and the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Carers Support Service have done a piece of joint work to produce a bite sized “Stress” workshop tailored especially for carers in Kirklees. The poster giving the details is attached.

Carers issues taken to the Learning Disability Partnership Board on 14th March 2016

The issues raised by carers at the meeting of the Partnership Board this week (14th March 2016) is attached.

Help to claim benefits

As the support available to people with a learning disability is under pressure because of the cuts to the Council budget, there has never been a more important time for carers to check that they and the person they care for are getting all the welfare benefits to which they are entitled. There are a number of sources of support to do this. The 'Better off Kirklees' project and online system is geared towards supporting people to claim. The link;


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