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Healthwatch survey- services for South Asian adults with a learning disability

Healthwatch Kirklees, on behalf of Kirklees Council, are engaging community organisations and members in order to improve uptake of learning disability services. In particular, we want to understand:- - how people’s social care needs are being met, and if there are any gaps - what community-based activity or support would be welcomed - what information about these services is effective, and best reaches South Asian families and community members We have launched a short anonymous survey, which is mainly targeted at family and community members. It aims to gain community-based insight into these questions

Carers issues taken to the Learning Disability Partnership Board on 21st November 2016

This was an annual review meeting of the Board, and we therefore sought to remind members of the issues taken to them during the year (in black), as well as alerting them to more recent issues (in red)

Independent Living Survey 2016 - some very worrying findings

This report presents the findings of an online survey about the day-to-day lives of disabled people living in England today. It presents a worrying picture indeed, and one which should alert us to the impact of budget cuts (in particular) on the opportunities and quality of life of the people we care for.

Challenging local cuts - some key legal questions

This is a very informative article by Steven Broach about the legal grounds on which Local Authority budget cuts can be challenged.

Talk Health Kirklees consultation

Have your say about proposed changes to healthcare services in Kirklees.

Adult Social Care consultation about charging

Link to a consultation being carried out by the Local Authority about proposals to make changes to charging policy for some services they provide.

Mental Health First Aid Course

Information about a free course, to be held over four weekly sessions in Batley, aimed at increasing skills in recognising the early signs of mental illness. Organised by South and West Yorkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Carers Rights Day 2016

Information about Carers Rights Day 2016 on Friday 25th November 2016 11.00am to 3.00 pm at Carers Count, Huddersfield.

NHS Penalty Charge Notices - call for examples from Healthwatch

Healthwatch Kirklees has been alerted to an isue about people being sent penalty charges when they had made mistakes about their eligibility for free dental check-ups. They want to hear from anybody who has had this experience. See attached request from Shabana Ali (Tel. 01924 450379)

Carers issues taken to the Partnership Board on 26th September 2016

The issues raised at the Learning Disability Partnership Board on 26th September 2016 are attached.


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