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Carers facing cuts - will the Care Act make any difference? - Prof Luke Clements event

In place of handouts at the event, the following web-links are offered as a means of returning to the content of Luke's talk.

Learning Disability Alliance quality check on current Government performance

The Learning Disability Alliance is asking people with learning disabilities, their families and their allies to say what they think about the current UK Government.

Between 14th January and 11th February they are asking people to mark the Government on its performance:

Carers issues taken to LD Partnership Board on 26th January 2015

Attached are the issues presented to the Learning Disability Partnership Board at its meeting on 26th January 2015. As usual, a response will be sought to each of them, and fed back before or at the next meeting.

Carers facing cuts - will the Care Act make any difference ?

Professor Luke Clements, national expert on carers and the law, has agreed to return to Kirklees to speak again to local carers about changes in the law which come into effect in March 2015. The event is to be on Wednesday 11th February 2015, from 7.00pm to 9.00pm at Northorpe Barn, Mirfield. Free to carers, but there is a strict limit on numbers, and only those who have booked will be able to attend. Book via Lynne Heighway on 0300 012 0231 or email [email protected] .....but be quick !   Places will go quickly !

Carers issues taken to LD Partnership Board on 24th November 2014

Attached are the issues taken by carers to the Leaning Disability Partnership Board on 24th November 2014.

Time for carers to use their voice on the Council budget

Several weeks ago, the Council published draft budgets for the next three years. By the middle of February final decisions have to be made …. and it is not a good prospect.

Speaking at a meeting last week the Council's Chief Executive,  Adrian Lythgo, said:

SWYFT events about transformation of Learning Disability Services

South West Yorkshire Foundation Trust is planning significant changes to how their specialist learning disability services work. They have organised a series of events to involve carers and others in the process. The poster gives dates for the events, including a newly organised addition in Batley on 19th November 2014.

Carers Issues taken to Partnership Board on 7th July 2014

Attached are the issues taken to the Learning Disability Partnership Board meeting on 7th July 2014

Request for volunteers to take part in research project on thinking abilities of people with Downs Syndrome

A national project based in London is seeking people with Downs Syndrome over the age of 18 to help their research.

Supported Living setting in Mirfield established by carers

At the end of last year (2013) a new supported living setting was established in Mirfield by a group of carers.

In the current climate, it is not easy as a carer to find much to smile about. The support for those we care for is under constant threat, and if they don't get what they need, it falls back on us to make up the difference once again. It becomes hard to stay up-beat, and to avoid sinking into anger and a feeling of helplessness …


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