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An invitation to be involved in the creation of an 'All-age disability Service' in Kirklees

At the moment in Kirklees we have separate disability services for children, young people and adults, in both health care and social care. The Council is now exploring the opportunity of creating an integrated disability service which will bring those services together to form an ‘All Age Disability Service’ (working title), and would welcome involvement from carers in this process. The invitation letter and reply slip are attached.

Stress workshop for carers in Kirklees - 24th March (Mirfield) or 14th April (Huddersfield)

IAPT and the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Carers Support Service have done a piece of joint work to produce a bite sized “Stress” workshop tailored especially for carers in Kirklees. The poster giving the details is attached.

Carers issues taken to the Learning Disability Partnership Board on 14th March 2016

The issues raised by carers at the meeting of the Partnership Board this week (14th March 2016) is attached.

Help to claim benefits

As the support available to people with a learning disability is under pressure because of the cuts to the Council budget, there has never been a more important time for carers to check that they and the person they care for are getting all the welfare benefits to which they are entitled. There are a number of sources of support to do this. The 'Better off Kirklees' project and online system is geared towards supporting people to claim. The link;

Would you come and join us ?

Are you a family carer for an adult with a learning disability ?

Please would you consider joining a small group of other such carers whose job it is to collect issues of concern to carers, and to take them to the Learning Disability Partnership Board for Kirklees ?

Carers issues taken to the Partnership Board on 25th January 2016

Attached are the issues taken to the Learning Disability Partnership Board for Kirklees at its last meeting on 25th January 2016

Proposal for an all-age disability Service - consultation

Message from Balwinder Kaur

For many years we have been told by parent carers, children and adults with a disability that joined up services across all ages would help to ensure consistency, clarity and ultimately better quality services and support to people living in Kirklees with a disability.

The time is now right to take a good look at what this means as part of our New Council approach.

Researching dementia in Downs Syndrome

The University of Cambridge Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Group (CIDDRG) and the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) are undertaking a joint consultation in researching dementia in Down’s Syndrome. They want to know what you think about people with Down’s Syndrome taking part in clinical trials.

Support group network for adult siblings of people with a learning disability

The Family Carer Support Service are delighted  to start a new project this autumn for adult siblings of people with a lifelong learning disability and/or autism. They say....

Over the past year we have had an increase in requests from adult siblings for sibling groups. In response to this, Sibs will be developing a network of face-to-face adult sibling support groups across the UK. This project is supported by the MariaMarina Foundation.

Mutual support for you as a sibling

Carers issues taken to the Learning Disability Partnership Board on 23rd November 2015

Attached are the issues taken to the Partnership Board at its annual review meeting on 23rd November 2015. For this presentation, we selected out the most significant issues raised during the last twelve months, highlighting on each slide when the issue had been raised before, and making proposals for solutions whenever possible. Cllr Viv Kendrick, the lead Member for Adult Services was present for this presentation.


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