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Learning Disability Carers Voice

This website is a key activity of an independent network of family carers for adults with learning disabilities in Kirklees. It is intended to offer support by:

  • supporting carers to become as well-informed and powerful as the organisations they have to deal with
  • building the collective voice of carers so as to maximise their impact on local policy-making and service provision
  • making available information about local and national issues
  • ensuring that carers are aware of opportunities to contribute to and influence local decisions and activities
  • providing a means of reducing the isolation that caring responsibilities can bring

We want to build an active and ever-expanding network. We cannot simply tap in to the Kirklees Carers circulation list because the Data Protection Act prevents this. Individual carers have to opt in to our network, by making contact with Heather Ellis at Carers Count on 0300 012 0231. Please encourage other carers that you know to do this, so that the network can support as many carers as possible.

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