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Opportunities for Involvement

Carers Sub-group Dates for 2020 / 21   

  • Tuesday 12th November 2019
  • Tuesday 14th January 2020
  • Tuesday 10th March 2020
  • Tuesday28th April 2020                                                         All meetings at Northorpe Hall, Mirfield 12.30pm - 2.30pm
  • Tuesday 23rd June 2020
  • Tuesday 8th September 2020
  • Tuesday 10th November 2020
  • Tuesday 5th January 2021
  • Tuesday 9th March 2021

If you have an issue that you want to receive attention, please contact Mark Feeny on [email protected]  There is a slot on every Partnership Board for "Carers Issues".

Invitations to help - new / recent

A number of new ways to be involved are available. Please feel free to volunteer! Contact [email protected] or phone on 01924 496095

  • We always welcome new carers into our activity. If you would like to join the sub-group which pulls together issues for the Partnership Board, the dates are above.
  • At a national level, a new research project on the thinking abilities of people with Downs Syndrome is urgently seeking volunteers to take part. Click on the link in 'News' to find out more.
  • Given that the website is relatively new, it would be really good to have a small number of people who kept an eye out for appropriate new content. Would you be interested?
  • There appear  to be concerns about the system for paying for services, and about contributions towards the cost. If these are concerns for you, get in touch, and we could plan what to do.
  • In order to track the extra demands made on carers because of the recent benefit reforms, it has been suggested that carers try to keep a diary of the extra hours they have had to spend filling out forms and defending current benefits and levels of support.  If you would be prepared to undertake this, it would be really helpful to know.

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