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Moving on - a carers guide to the emotions and the process when the learning disabled person you care for moves to their own home you care for moves to their own home

The latest leaflet prepared by local carers for other local carers is now available on this website and in printed form. Local carers who have recently been through the process have pooled their thoughts about what they think others need to know about it. A key concern is that we as carers can be the biggest block to getting started, because we cannot face planning for a time when we are no longer around....and yet that is exactly why it is worth doing now, while we are still around to offer support and to resolve issues as they arise. Please have a look !

Direct Payments – a guide written by carers for carers

Following the success of the Carers Guide to assessment, and in response to regular concerns about the ground-rules for direct payments, a small group of carers have prepared a 'Guide to Direct Payments' which is now complete. Written copies are available from Maureen Connor.

A Carers Guide to getting the best outcome from the Assessment process

Late in 2011, when the Council was considering reducing the criteria for guaranteed support to 'critical needs' only, a group of carers for adults with learning disabilities decided that there was a need for carers to be far better informed about the assessment process so that we could make sure that the person we care for got the best outcome from the process. The Council information gives a detailed factual account of the complete process. This guide doesn't repeat that, but concentrates on helping you to be best prepared for using the process.

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